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Top 3 Romance Anime

People usually forget to show proper affection to their loved ones. Showing your romantic side to everyone is okay. You can flirt casually with your classmates to show how you adore them. You can go on regular dates with boyfriend/girlfriend.

There are various Anime Romance who highlight the wild sides of their main characters. They portray the message of love. A love story makes everyone smile because of its cuteness. Watching these anime could give you tons of ideas on how to express your romantic side to people.

Some anime cover love stories where it seems impossible for characters to fall in love with each other. However, the little quarrel turns into love which makes the impossible happen.

Here is a best romance anime list of three such anime which can get you to smile with its romantic brilliance:

Say “I love you”

You’ve heard the magnetic dipole theory. No, we are not a physics blog. Love is accustomed to methods. Say “I love you” is a lively proof of this theory.

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It is a story of Mei and Yamato. Mei is an anti-social girl who tries her best to make friends but fails every time. She is shy a girl whereas Yamato is the prince of the town. He is the most popular punk in his town with lots of girls chasing him around.

These two characters fall in love with each other in the most peculiar way. The sweetness of this anime earns it a spot in this Best Romance Anime list.

Kokoro Connect

Love is weird. Anime likes to prove weird theories revolving around love are not a nuisance. Kokoro Connect is an anime where five members of a school club experience an unusual phenomenon which results in lots of fun and lovey-dovey moments.

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Suddenly these five people start switching their bodies. No one knows it happens, but this event shocked them to the ground. While this thing continues, there are lots of funny moments. These funny moments ultimately directed towards characters confessing their love.

This anime is a weird, but a sweet love story makes it undoubtedly the best romance comedy anime to watch on KissAnime Mobile.


How can you ignore this masterpiece from a list of romantic anime? Thousands of anime portray how characters fall in love with each other at first sight but Toradora! is simply out of the world anime.

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It is a high school romance anime based on the life of two teenagers who were never meant to be together. However, the fate had planned something different for them. Ultimately, they fall in love with each other.

This beautiful story has topped the charts of many lists. If you are in search for the best romantic anime to watch on KissAnime, Toradora! is tailor made for you.

The Verdict

These three anime are going to have a spellbinding impact on your love life. They will inspire you to express love to your loved ones. They combine to gain the tag of “Top 3 Romance Anime to watch on KissAnime.”

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