Most Popular Anime On KissAnime To Watch in 2017

Popular Animes: Most Popular Anime on KissAnime to Watch in 2017
Japanese people have been inclined towards reading manga and once came an idea to make Anime based on these manga. This led to making of Anime which have garnered a great deal of popularity around the world.

Anime have been famous all over but the question has been where do you watch Anime? This question was answered by the creator of KissAnime. KissAnime: A site where you can watch any Anime of your choice. Just browse the website on any browser and search for any Anime which you want to watch and that is it.

Now you know from where you can Download KissAnime Mobile. KissAnime has every Anime which you want to watch but among these Anime, which ones are the best? We have handpicked three Anime out of those thousands of Anime to give you an overview of which Anime you should prefer to watch in 2017:

Code Geass

code geass. code geass anime , kissanime mobile

Code Geass is one of the most famous Anime in the world. Code Geass Episode 1 has everything what an Anime fan would want to watch. From thrill to romance to horror, it has all elements of entertainment which can glue you to watch it constantly without taking any breaks because of its awesomeness. It is a story of Lelouch, a young kid who chose to rebel against Britannia, a nation which rules over Japan. This is a story worth remembering for ages. To sum it up, it is a must watch.

One Piece

For Manga fans, this is a no brainer. One Piece undoubtedly is the best manga which was ever made. Now if this is the best manga, why should we deny the brilliance of its anime? One Piece anime covers the story of Monkey D. Luffy who along with his friends decided to set his sights on becoming the Pirate King.

one piece anime . kissanime mobile

According to him, the Pirate King has most freedom compared to any other person in the world. He wants to chase freedom. He meets friends during his journey who later on join his crew. A pirate pursuing his dream setting an example of being brave and do anything you want with freedom. One Piece is an anime you can’t afford to miss.

Death Note

For all the psychological fans who want to watch an Anime which will let their mouth stay wide open while watching an Anime, then Death Note is the best anime for you. Death Note is one of the best anime when talking about thriller genre.Watchers have stated that this is the best anime ever. Death Note covers the story of Light Yagami who has his own sense of justice.

death note , death note anime , kissanime

He commits crime using his Death Note-A book which can kill people when you write that person’s name on the book. While Light has his own sense of justice, a detective L opposes him. A story of a psychological fight between a detective and a student making everyone stand up and applaud its brilliance.

KissAnime has a lot of such anime but these three anime can take you on a magical ride. Get aboard and enjoy the ride.

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